About The Brand

Helping you reach your peak.

Spyre was created to support the everyday athlete as they work to reach their peak and achieve their personal fitness goals. We do this by providing fully transparent, great tasting fitness supplements that help you crush your workouts, improve your health and live your very best life!

Our Mission:

Create great-tasting, effective products that support everyday athletes as they pursue their goals.

Our Vision:

To empower everyday athletes everywhere to reach their peak.

Meet the Founder

Kyle May has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of a fitness journey. He began his own journey in 2015 at 300lbs and has went on to lose over 100lbs, going as far as competing in a bodybuilding competition.

Throughout this process, Kyle wasted a lot of time and money on supplements to aid him in his journey, only to realize later on that many of them either flat out didn’t work or didn’t fit his lifestyle and fitness goals.

To help others avoid the same frustration and confusion he had to endure, Kyle set out to create his own supplement brand tailored specifically for the “everyday athlete,” which would become Spyre. He personally formulates and tests all of Spyre’s products to ensure that they actually help you reach your fitness goals, so you can stop spinning your wheels and start living a life without limits!