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Welcome to Spyre

Welcome to Spyre!

As the creator of this new brand, I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself as well as explain just what Spyre is (and what I hope it will become). But to tell that story in full, we need to go wayyy back to 2015 when I started this whole "fitness" thing.

My fitness journey began in the summer of 2015. I had just gotten back from a trip to the American Southwest that was part of one of my classes my sophomore year in college. I logged on to facebook one day to find a ton of pictures that I had been tagged in from the trip. What I saw was eye-opening; I saw myself, but the photos gave me the frightening realization that I had allowed myself to become morbidly obese. I stepped on the bathroom scale and did a double take at the number it spit out: 290 pounds. How on earth could I let this happen?

Seeing that number on the scale was the moment that I decided enough was enough. I decided it was time to flip the script and take control of my body and my life. It was then that I decided to begin my fitness journey. That summer, I threw myself head-first into the world of fitness. When I wasn’t at my summer job, I was at the gym, teaching myself how to use the equipment and how to effectively workout. At night I would read fitness article after fitness article learning about all things health and fitness. I poured my heart and soul into my body for the whole summer, and by the time I went back to school for my junior year, the results showed.

In 3 months I dropped my weight down to 235 pounds. I went from wearing an XXL shirt to a Large, and 44” waisted pants to 36”. I received compliment after compliment and had several people ask me how I was able to do it. It felt good to see my dedication recognized, but I knew that I was far, far from done.

I’ve continued to work on my body and my fitness since then, trying to better myself each and every day. As I’m typing this in 2019, I now weigh around 180 pounds and feel the best I’ve ever felt.

left: starting weight of 290lbs, right: current weight of 180lbs

Throughout this entire process, I have had many people come to me for workout and nutrition advice, wanting to achieve the same results for themselves. I’ve always enjoyed giving fitness advice to others because I know just how hard it is being unhappy with your body and wanting to change yourself for the better. It wasn’t long before I realized that this was my passion, and I decided to become an online fitness coach so I could guide people on their fitness journey and help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  

And that brings us to the present: Spyre.

Although I have been able to help many people with my online coaching endeavor, there are other sectors of the fitness space where I believe I can apply my personal and professional experiences to help people reach their fitness goals. One of the main one of these is the supplement industry.

There are a million and a half supplements out there, each of them with crazy names and flashy labeling, trying to convince you that they are the best product on the market. In reality, however, many of them are just packed full of stimulants and tingling-inducing ingredients so that you "feel it," even though this won't bring you any closer to your fitness goals.

That's where Spyre comes in.

Essentially, I want to provide you with not only the supplements, but also the knowledge to help you rise to your potential and actually reach your fitness goals. We'll accomplish this by creating clean, transparent products that only incorporate ingredients that have been proven to work, along with the reasoning for each ingredient's inclusion so you can understand how our products actually help you. One of the most important things I've discovered during my coaching career is that people tend to achieve better results if they know the reasoning behind the actions they are taking, so I want to apply that same logic to the supplement industry.

I want Spyre to give you not only the tools, but also the knowledge you need to help you reach your fitness goals and rise to your full potential!

This blog is going to be a valuable source of information for anyone who is on their fitness journey. We'll cover everything from supplements (duh), to proper nutrition, to training tips and everything else in between. We genuinely want you to succeed in achieving your fitness goals, and we believe that sharing knowledge is pivotal to that mission! 

Again, thank you for your support and welcome to Spyre! We can't wait to help you reach your goals and reach your peak!

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