Spyre Supplements Fully Transparent Supplement Facts vs Proprietary Blends

Proprietary Blends Vs Fully Transparent Labels

Do you know what’s in your supplements?

The answer to this question should always be a resounding “yes!” however, this isn’t the case for many supplement users.

Unfortunately, many supplement brands are secretive when it comes to how much of each ingredient is used in their products, hiding this valuable information behind what’s known as a proprietary blend, or “prop blend.”

Today we’re going explain what a prop blend is and why you should avoid them in favor of supplements with fully transparent labels.

What is a Prop Blend?

A proprietary blend or “prop blend” is a mix of ingredients that doesn’t disclose the exact amount of each ingredient used. They look something like this:

In this example, there is a 3.8g proprietary blend in this product that is made up of a variety of ingredients, but the label doesn’t include the individual dosages of each. This leaves us as consumers in the dark with no way of knowing how much of every ingredient is included.

This lack of transparency is concerning as it opens the door for brands to skimp on the dosages of their ingredients, leading you to getting a product that isn’t going to help you get the most out of your workouts.

So how do we avoid the confusion and frustration of not knowing exactly what is in our supplements? By opting for supplements with a fully transparent label!

What is a Fully Transparent Label?

A fully transparent label is one that shows the dosage of every ingredient that it uses. These look something like this:

Spyre Vertex Low Stim Preworkout Supplement Facts
*Quick note - this fully transparent label belongs to our preworkout, Vertex. If you're looking for a preworkout to help you get more out of your workouts without overdoing it on caffeine, this is the preworkout for you!

With fully transparent labels, there is no guess work on what’s actually included in each scoop. At a glance, you can see the exact amount of every ingredient used, giving you confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the supplements you’re trusting to help you reach your fitness goals.

The Bottom Line

At Spyre, we believe that you should always have confidence in the supplements you choose to take. A large part of this confidence comes from transparency, which you just can’t get from proprietary blends. This is why Spyre exclusively uses fully transparent labels; so there is never any doubt as to what goes into our products, and ultimately, into your body. 

So when you choose your next supplement, make sure you can answer the question “do you know what’s in your supplements?” with a resounding “yes!”

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