Spyre Supps How does ATP help improve endurance and recovery?

How to Improve Endurance and Recovery with ATP

ATP, Endurance and Recovery

If you want to improve endurance and recovery, you have to understand the role of ATP in the body. But what is ATP? What does it do? And how does it boost endurance and recovery?

What is ATP?

ATP, short for adenosine triphosphate, is an energy-carrying molecule found in every living being. It is known as the “energy currency” of the body due to it being the source of energy for every cell in your body.

When our bodies break down the food we eat, it releases chemical energy through a process known as “cellular respiration.” ATP scoops up this chemical energy and shuttles it to our cells in order to power everything we do, from contracting our muscles to even the smallest of metabolic processes.

The more ATP we have, the more energy can be shuttled into our cells, meaning improved endurance and recovery!

How to increase our ATP levels

Clearly it’s good to have a lot of ATP on hand, especially when trying to improve endurance and recovery, but how do we increase our ATP levels? Here are a few things we can do to keep our ATP levels high:

Get good sleep

Studies have shown that getting consistent, good-quality sleep can increase our ATP levels. You can improve your sleep by doing things like establishing a consistent bedtime routine, reducing or eliminating blue light exposure an hour before bed (TVs, cell phones, etc), and avoiding caffeine within 6 hours of going to bed.

Get consistent exercise

Consistent exercise makes our muscles stronger and more efficient at using energy, allowing them to conserve more ATP. In addition, consistent exercise can help us shed excess pounds, making it easier for us to move and therefore reducing ATP usage. The key is to keep exercising consistently; it doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose so long as you stick with it!

Get adequate amounts of electrolytes

Aside from helping to keep you hydrated, electrolytes play a critical role in cellular respiration and the creation of ATP. Specifically, they kickstart the process by helping to transport nutrients into our cells where they are turned into ATP. We lose electrolytes throughout the day when we sweat, so it’s important to replenish them, especially when we exercise or are in a hot and humid environment.


There are several supplements that can help you boost your ATP levels. While some allow you to supplement with ATP directly, our bodies have a hard time absorbing external sources of ATP. Because of this, opt for supplements that help your body produce more ATP on its own (AKA, produce ATP “endogenously”). Ingredients like ElevATP and Senactiv are great options for helping your body produce more of its own ATP, which in turn increases endurance and recovery.

Increase Your ATP Levels and Improve Endurance and Recovery with Trek

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If you’re looking for a great tasting product to help you boost ATP levels and improve your endurance and recovery, check out Trek! Each scoop of Trek includes full-spectrum electrolytes to replenish what you lose during the day, which is pivotal in the creation of ATP. In addition, Trek includes above-clinical dosages of both ElevATP and Senactiv to help your body create more ATP and thus boost your endurance and recovery.

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