Spyre Supplements Finding Balance in Your Fitness Journey

Finding Balance in Your Fitness Journey







These hashtags and phrases leave out one very important piece of physical and mental growth: appreciation for where you started, where you’re at, and how far you’ve come. Remember that, once upon a time, you literally dreamed of being where you are right now, in this moment. You worked SO hard to get here. Yet, we still aren’t satisfied. Need to keep working. Keep going. Keep training. Why is that?


Hey y'all! My name is Melissa, and I’m Kyle’s (the owner of Ascend) fiancée. If you are anything like me, you’re just an average person trying to live their best life. Stay healthy, eat right, feel good. But, as most of us do, you also might struggle with things like body image, imposter syndrome, and anxiety. How is it that we work so hard, come so far, yet never feel like we’re enough (or maybe even like we’re too much)? Not thin enough, not curvy enough, not smart enough. Too emotional, too heavy, too something.


For example, as Kyle and I prepare for our wedding later this year, we keep talking about how we’ll “get fit” and how we both just want to “look our best”...but we both exercise and meal prep regularly. Kyle has already lost 100 pounds on his weightloss journey. He’s even competed in a physique competition. I’m 30 pounds less than I was at my heaviest, and can lift more than I’ve ever been able to. We walk, hike, and kayak to stay moving as much as we can. We both enjoy the occasional dessert, pizza, and burgers in addition to our daily fruits, veggies, and proteins. We are ALREADY taking care of our bodies. We are ALREADY living a very balanced lifestyle (something I’ve never done before now and am very proud of). Yet, somehow, we STILL aren’t satisfied. If we’re not careful, we forget to appreciate the journey and where we are.


When you see those hashtags or hear those phrases, remember your journey. You worked so incredibly hard to get where you are. No, your work may not be done yet. Maybe you still have some weight to lose in order to feel your best, or you haven’t quite achieved that goal of doing a pull-up (one of my personal goals - and no, I still can’t do one, but I’ll get there), whatever it may be. Yes, we want to improve 1% each day. The key word here is: APPRECIATE. Appreciate where you are. Appreciate where you started. And appreciate how far you’ve come and your growth to this point. You deserve to be proud of the amazing things you’ve done, and we can’t wait to see what more you’ll accomplish.

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